Providing Solution is our
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optimal solutions to worldwide security surveillance industry.  The
prime objective of PCSS is to provide products that best fit each entity
and application.

PCSS products are designed by the most prominent engineers and
security industry experts who have teamed together to develop Digital
Video Recording Systems with features that are practical and  in
demand by the market today. But most importantly,  DVRS that are
absolutely reliable.  

increased dramatically over the past four years. DVRS industry,
however, is still in the early stages of maturity even with much
advancement in digital technology. It is our in-depth knowledge of this
cutting edge digital technology that gives us the ability to provide wide
array of solutions to the toughest customers in the industry.

As a result, PCSS has rapidly become the main supplier of Digital
Video Recorder  to many security systems resellers and property
owners.  Business and security industry leaders continue to seek
PCSS because  we have earned the reputation of providing a complete
product that is aimed at Total Customer Satisfaction. Our product
package is more than just the Digital Video Recorders which also
includes world class  technical support to ensure satisfaction at all
levels of distribution.
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